Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sites like yuwie ZenZuu

Earning from revenue sharing social networking site is been the hottest topic of the Internet. We earn from others work. Hardly we do nothing other than mailing friends, posting comments on profiles, adding new friends and make some referrals under us. It's not so difficult to do. I found a site called ZenZuu which is similar to yuwie.

For my knowledge MySpace is the first of it's kind. Since the successfull launch of the MySpace many sites like Facebook, yuwie were appeared. Now a new one called ZenZuu. This is little bit different from others.

What's different in this? ZunZuu shares it's 80% of its revenue with it's members. To earn from ZenZuu all you have to do is "DO whatever you do in yuwie"

  1. You have to join this ZunZuu under someone.

  2. Mail your friends

  3. Comment on others profile

  4. Network with friends

  5. Get Paid...

Since it is great fun to network with peoples I joined ZenZuu so you too can Join ZenZuu. If you want to Join ZenZuu you must be reffered by someone so you can Join under me or Someone else.

  1. Http:// (Joining under me)

  2. (real site)

Like this there is another site is called Squidoo which shares revenue with users.

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