Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogging - No more a Child's Play

This is Web 2.0 time. The biggest revolution in this Web 2.0 is the Blogging. The blog is the shortest form of the weblog.

Blogs are just like our diary. But it became a business and it is the Professional blogging.

This is all because of the AdSense. When the Internet was first Introduced for the public use, Internet became a entertainment central. some peoples begun to use the Internet as a marketing central. That is the first evolution of Internet Marketing.

But the way of Internet marketing will change by time. The technique you learn today will be outdated within 6 months and that will be replaced by another one and that will replaced by another one and.... this cycle never ends.

So that I always say that never think we learnt about Internet marketing. What you learned will be outdated soon.

The biggest boom of Internet is this Blogging. Behind this success of blogging our AdSense holds blogging as a support. As long as AdSense and other advertising networks alive blogging will be the king of money makers.

There is a specific reason for blogging to be the king of money maker. It requires no investment, less work, payment is automated, we get paid for what we are doing for fun.

So if you want to make some extra cash get a AdSense account, Create a blog and start earning.

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