Sunday, October 5, 2008

Million Dollar challenge From Russell Brunson

Million Dollar Chanllenge
Gone Live the day before Yesterday

After the long await for the next launch of Russell Brunson, finally the Million dollar challenge is launched on OCTOBER 3, 2008.

This not an typical Product Launch But a training membership site that is personally created by russel burnson to train his students for his affiliate army. He belives insted of spending thousands in adwords for a product, he loves to train his affiliate and share the profit with the affiliates.

Ok, let's see what this new site all about. This site is made more or less like a competition for the users for winning a "Brand new Corvet". Hey! this Quiz is not about any thing about the rockets, Physics or some thing, russell created the quiz entirely about the thing you love, that's it.

Now you figured it out What Am I talking about. So enough talk lets go to the site and sign up for a free account and see what are the surprises inside for you.

Get your free account now

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