Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gmail New and Improved

I just logged into my Gmail account and I am surpised with the new theme of Gmail. They are just constantly improving Gmail and offering it for free too.

Actually I am a fan of gmail. They works so fast than yahoo and any other services I ever used. Ok, about the theme... I love the theme that gmail used before. the new theme looks so light and pale. I browsed the theme for a minute and there were around 30 themes (may be I haven't counted it well) I din't liked any of those So I just stick with the old Gmail theme.

"A good service for free" Amazing goolge. Praise you google.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Million Dollar challenge From Russell Brunson

Million Dollar Chanllenge
Gone Live the day before Yesterday

After the long await for the next launch of Russell Brunson, finally the Million dollar challenge is launched on OCTOBER 3, 2008.

This not an typical Product Launch But a training membership site that is personally created by russel burnson to train his students for his affiliate army. He belives insted of spending thousands in adwords for a product, he loves to train his affiliate and share the profit with the affiliates.

Ok, let's see what this new site all about. This site is made more or less like a competition for the users for winning a "Brand new Corvet". Hey! this Quiz is not about any thing about the rockets, Physics or some thing, russell created the quiz entirely about the thing you love, that's it.

Now you figured it out What Am I talking about. So enough talk lets go to the site and sign up for a free account and see what are the surprises inside for you.

Get your free account now

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Advantages of new Google Chrome Browser

Google has launched it's new Browser called "Google Chrome". Google released it's new chrome browser Yesterday and made it available for more than 100 countries. For me this is Just an new browse in competition. I bet this gonna wipe out all competition within 2 or 3 years.

Now I am writing this post using the new Google chrome Browser. And this looks so cool.

Sorry Google I have to say this that this browser has all facilities in Internet explorer, Mozilla, Opera, and safari. This is like mere copy Product and the advantage is now we have all browsers in one.

This act made clear that the Google looks forward for the
 "Internet World Domination". Already Google has the advertising tycoon AdWords Which is the NO.1 Advertising company. Now they entered in to the Application world.

Let's see What are the new features in Google Chrome.

  • In this new Google chrome An additional and a new never been before (I guess) feature called "INCOGNITO" browsing. You can open this window by file -> New Incognito window. The advantage is whatever you are browsing, downloading in this window will not be recorded in History. And cookies will not be saved. This will save you from cookie stuffing.
  • POP up Status bar. First I haven't noticed the pop up status bar for some minutes, and I was so curious about that. "How they left that valuable bar?" And I searched to enable the status bar but I haven't found it. Finally I found it. When your page is loading or when you place the mouse pointer on a link a bar is popped up and showed the status. Awesome...
  • Wide work area due to less bars.
  • Extremely fast Browsing
  • Since the tabs are on the top, it enables us to reach them even if we are reckless in move.
  • In the start page you can access the most frequently visited sites.
  • "Find" function looks and works awesomely. The find bar automatically moves to a different place if the searching phase is hidden by search tab.
  • The out line and bar of the browser is blue and seems to be more calm and bright.
Even though there are more advantages it lacks in some appearance, functions, hard to navigate. Still Google Chrome Needs some Improvement.Not bad for Full two years of work.

Let's see weather Chrome survive or not...

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Alternatives for adsense referrals

Since AdSense suspended the AdSense for referrals Today everyone is in the search for the AdSense referrals alternatives. For some days I thought that the Google referrals will not earn for me. But I was wrong...

I met a person in digital point Forum. There we met in a thread that was discussing about the alternatives for the AdSense referrals. There he said us that he was making more than $1000 per month with the AdSense referrals. I was really amazed. And I decided to use AdSense referrals. ( I am really a ????????, AdSense referrals is already closed. I lost almost a fortune).

Since that mysterious lost his biggest part of his AdSense income, so he was so curious about finding alternatives for AdSense referrals and most of the persons who are participated in that discussion are the users of AdSense referrals.

But No one has the answer other than Zango. But every one know about the zango and they have not been a best alternatives for adsense referrals. (Zango is a site which will pay you if any one install their software, and those softwares are entertainment based)

So was I keep on searched on the net for the programs which
are similar to zango, for the alternative for AdSense referrals
Finally I ended up with some sites which are
These sites will pay you if your visitors install a certain software...

So I don't want to waste your time so go and select your site and start make money as you did with AdSense.
What's next???
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogger and Adsense Changed

Today When Checked the AdSense and Blogger account I am Full of surprise. The Appearance of blogger is changed to a new Level (awesome) and AdSense's new "AdSense for feeds" is finally available to Public.

Even though Blogger is a free blogging platform Google is Constantly making this blogger platform better and better and better... And AdSense it's in a whole new path. This Google guys never failed ti Impress me.

Monetizing the site is a old model now monetizing the feed is the "Top Dog" around here. For last some months AdSense allowed us to add AdSense in feeds using the Which is a acquisition of Google, is doing very well with feed service.

Using adsense ad creation pannel you can ad ads to your feed and coolest part is you can add ads bellow every post. COoOoL.

Now AdSense has "AdSense for videos" and "AdSense for feeds" for public. The best part is this these launches were within a month. Keep it up Google.

But for a publisher with low feed readers the AdSense for feed is not going to make any change in earnings. Anyway we may use this in a near future.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sites like yuwie ZenZuu

Earning from revenue sharing social networking site is been the hottest topic of the Internet. We earn from others work. Hardly we do nothing other than mailing friends, posting comments on profiles, adding new friends and make some referrals under us. It's not so difficult to do. I found a site called ZenZuu which is similar to yuwie.

For my knowledge MySpace is the first of it's kind. Since the successfull launch of the MySpace many sites like Facebook, yuwie were appeared. Now a new one called ZenZuu. This is little bit different from others.

What's different in this? ZunZuu shares it's 80% of its revenue with it's members. To earn from ZenZuu all you have to do is "DO whatever you do in yuwie"

  1. You have to join this ZunZuu under someone.

  2. Mail your friends

  3. Comment on others profile

  4. Network with friends

  5. Get Paid...

Since it is great fun to network with peoples I joined ZenZuu so you too can Join ZenZuu. If you want to Join ZenZuu you must be reffered by someone so you can Join under me or Someone else.

  1. Http:// (Joining under me)

  2. (real site)

Like this there is another site is called Squidoo which shares revenue with users.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

List of Good alternatives to google adsense

Most of the AdSense newbies get banned by AdSense team. Because they underestimate the power of google's tracking system. Ok Past is past now let's see what are the altenatives available for adsense.

WOW ! see the bellow list. Can you see the list I can't even imaging that there would be this much number of adsense rivals (this is just a list of best sites there are hundreds of them). Ok Forget about adsense, use this list of advertisers and find the valuable one that suits your site's cabability and start your Work right away....

See if you can't for get about your old adsense then get a new adsense account...

Here is your list...

MIVA AdRevenue Xpress
Casale Media
Commission Junction
MSN AdCenter
Tribal Fusion
Yahoo Publisher Network

Note: This is not the entire list of the sites there are hundreds of them so If you are not satisfied with this list please search the net for more sites.

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