Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogger and Adsense Changed

Today When Checked the AdSense and Blogger account I am Full of surprise. The Appearance of blogger is changed to a new Level (awesome) and AdSense's new "AdSense for feeds" is finally available to Public.

Even though Blogger is a free blogging platform Google is Constantly making this blogger platform better and better and better... And AdSense it's in a whole new path. This Google guys never failed ti Impress me.

Monetizing the site is a old model now monetizing the feed is the "Top Dog" around here. For last some months AdSense allowed us to add AdSense in feeds using the Which is a acquisition of Google, is doing very well with feed service.

Using adsense ad creation pannel you can ad ads to your feed and coolest part is you can add ads bellow every post. COoOoL.

Now AdSense has "AdSense for videos" and "AdSense for feeds" for public. The best part is this these launches were within a month. Keep it up Google.

But for a publisher with low feed readers the AdSense for feed is not going to make any change in earnings. Anyway we may use this in a near future.

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