Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Adsense account banned? Need help?

Is your AdSense account got banned? Clueless what to do next? Need help to get your banned account back? Here are some tips to get your Banned AdSense account back.

First you have to figure out what is the reason for banning your account. They would have denoted the reason for banning your account. But some times that may not be the correct or a valid reason.

I know several persons who where got banned from AdSense and lost all of their hardly earned cash for no reason. They haven't clicked their ads, they haven't spammed anyone, they haven't placed any objective content in their site then what is the reason to ban their account?

There are reasons for banning a AdSense account

  1. Clicking Our our ads

  2. Including ads in Pop-ups, frames, and in adult pages or in pages containing objective content.

  3. Encourage others to click your ads.

  4. and the list goes on so please read the official notice from AdSense

I think you got a good Idea for what reason your AdSense account is banned.

Now we have to find which status you are in, there are two status they are...

  1. Sorry It's my fault.

  2. Damn! It's their fault.

If your account is banned because of any of the reasons listed above you are the first case. I'm sorry your AdSense account cannot be restored and the chance of restoring your can be calculated as (0+0-0)/0=ZERO.

Yes your account cannot be revived.

If this is your status I am sorry but you can still earn from your existing sites, for some reason always another door opens when one door is closed. There are several site that are similar to AdSense so go and learn about them here... Good list of AdSense alternatives.

If you think your AdSense account is banned for No reason and If you think you are wrong then you can apply your request. But your chances are almost low because your account will be deleted if you don't have a good amount of quality traffic. So there is nothing wrong in trying, So request AdSense team to restore your account. Need help to Learn how to request AdSense team to restore your AdSense account.

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