Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Alternatives for adsense referrals

Since AdSense suspended the AdSense for referrals Today everyone is in the search for the AdSense referrals alternatives. For some days I thought that the Google referrals will not earn for me. But I was wrong...

I met a person in digital point Forum. There we met in a thread that was discussing about the alternatives for the AdSense referrals. There he said us that he was making more than $1000 per month with the AdSense referrals. I was really amazed. And I decided to use AdSense referrals. ( I am really a ????????, AdSense referrals is already closed. I lost almost a fortune).

Since that mysterious lost his biggest part of his AdSense income, so he was so curious about finding alternatives for AdSense referrals and most of the persons who are participated in that discussion are the users of AdSense referrals.

But No one has the answer other than Zango. But every one know about the zango and they have not been a best alternatives for adsense referrals. (Zango is a site which will pay you if any one install their software, and those softwares are entertainment based)

So was I keep on searched on the net for the programs which
are similar to zango, for the alternative for AdSense referrals
Finally I ended up with some sites which are
These sites will pay you if your visitors install a certain software...

So I don't want to waste your time so go and select your site and start make money as you did with AdSense.
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogger and Adsense Changed

Today When Checked the AdSense and Blogger account I am Full of surprise. The Appearance of blogger is changed to a new Level (awesome) and AdSense's new "AdSense for feeds" is finally available to Public.

Even though Blogger is a free blogging platform Google is Constantly making this blogger platform better and better and better... And AdSense it's in a whole new path. This Google guys never failed ti Impress me.

Monetizing the site is a old model now monetizing the feed is the "Top Dog" around here. For last some months AdSense allowed us to add AdSense in feeds using the Which is a acquisition of Google, is doing very well with feed service.

Using adsense ad creation pannel you can ad ads to your feed and coolest part is you can add ads bellow every post. COoOoL.

Now AdSense has "AdSense for videos" and "AdSense for feeds" for public. The best part is this these launches were within a month. Keep it up Google.

But for a publisher with low feed readers the AdSense for feed is not going to make any change in earnings. Anyway we may use this in a near future.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sites like yuwie ZenZuu

Earning from revenue sharing social networking site is been the hottest topic of the Internet. We earn from others work. Hardly we do nothing other than mailing friends, posting comments on profiles, adding new friends and make some referrals under us. It's not so difficult to do. I found a site called ZenZuu which is similar to yuwie.

For my knowledge MySpace is the first of it's kind. Since the successfull launch of the MySpace many sites like Facebook, yuwie were appeared. Now a new one called ZenZuu. This is little bit different from others.

What's different in this? ZunZuu shares it's 80% of its revenue with it's members. To earn from ZenZuu all you have to do is "DO whatever you do in yuwie"

  1. You have to join this ZunZuu under someone.

  2. Mail your friends

  3. Comment on others profile

  4. Network with friends

  5. Get Paid...

Since it is great fun to network with peoples I joined ZenZuu so you too can Join ZenZuu. If you want to Join ZenZuu you must be reffered by someone so you can Join under me or Someone else.

  1. Http:// (Joining under me)

  2. (real site)

Like this there is another site is called Squidoo which shares revenue with users.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

List of Good alternatives to google adsense

Most of the AdSense newbies get banned by AdSense team. Because they underestimate the power of google's tracking system. Ok Past is past now let's see what are the altenatives available for adsense.

WOW ! see the bellow list. Can you see the list I can't even imaging that there would be this much number of adsense rivals (this is just a list of best sites there are hundreds of them). Ok Forget about adsense, use this list of advertisers and find the valuable one that suits your site's cabability and start your Work right away....

See if you can't for get about your old adsense then get a new adsense account...

Here is your list...

MIVA AdRevenue Xpress
Casale Media
Commission Junction
MSN AdCenter
Tribal Fusion
Yahoo Publisher Network

Note: This is not the entire list of the sites there are hundreds of them so If you are not satisfied with this list please search the net for more sites.

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Adsense account banned? Need help?

Is your AdSense account got banned? Clueless what to do next? Need help to get your banned account back? Here are some tips to get your Banned AdSense account back.

First you have to figure out what is the reason for banning your account. They would have denoted the reason for banning your account. But some times that may not be the correct or a valid reason.

I know several persons who where got banned from AdSense and lost all of their hardly earned cash for no reason. They haven't clicked their ads, they haven't spammed anyone, they haven't placed any objective content in their site then what is the reason to ban their account?

There are reasons for banning a AdSense account

  1. Clicking Our our ads

  2. Including ads in Pop-ups, frames, and in adult pages or in pages containing objective content.

  3. Encourage others to click your ads.

  4. and the list goes on so please read the official notice from AdSense

I think you got a good Idea for what reason your AdSense account is banned.

Now we have to find which status you are in, there are two status they are...

  1. Sorry It's my fault.

  2. Damn! It's their fault.

If your account is banned because of any of the reasons listed above you are the first case. I'm sorry your AdSense account cannot be restored and the chance of restoring your can be calculated as (0+0-0)/0=ZERO.

Yes your account cannot be revived.

If this is your status I am sorry but you can still earn from your existing sites, for some reason always another door opens when one door is closed. There are several site that are similar to AdSense so go and learn about them here... Good list of AdSense alternatives.

If you think your AdSense account is banned for No reason and If you think you are wrong then you can apply your request. But your chances are almost low because your account will be deleted if you don't have a good amount of quality traffic. So there is nothing wrong in trying, So request AdSense team to restore your account. Need help to Learn how to request AdSense team to restore your AdSense account.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One of the easy ways to earn money

There are many easy ways to earn online. But very some of them are real easy way to earn online. A now we have a new way to earn some extra income with a simple 7 steps. One of the remarkable revolution in this web 2.0 is

OK what is this Squidoo. This squidoo is a site where you can create a lens for you with which you can write anything you know about. you can sell anything, you can just write about yourself, about any product, product review, etc...

I just created a new lens that promotes my IMmoney pack. I created that lens with the title "Earn online without any investment" .

Wait, so what's a lens? A lens is... (this is the definition that squidoo gave)

  1. An insanely easy-to-build, single page online.

  2. Your signpost about something that matters to you.

  3. A place to recommend your favorite stuff.

  4. A popular way to get found more on the web.

  5. A free (yes, free) way to earn a royalty. For you or for charity.

  6. Word of mouth at your fingertips.

  7. Squiddylicious.

  8. Something you should have if you care about getting the word out,about selling something, about changing minds, about sharing info, or if you just love to create, express yourself, and play.

OK! OK! I'm sorry for over explaining it. I know what you are thinking, "How we are going to earn with this squidoo?" Isn't it?

When we create a lense our lense will have some adsense ads, ebay referral ads, amazon affiliate ads, and some CPM ads. So if any of the visitors or friends visits your lense clicks the ads or purchase anything from ebay or amazon or etc... and Squidoo will earn revenue through these clicks and purchases.

Now squidoo will share a percentage of it's revenue that your page generated with you. And you can get you payments directly to your Paypal account.

Now you may thing I can do this with my blog then why I have to do this. Yeah you are right... But there is a reason for why I use Squidoo. Google will give some Importance to squidoo in Indexing the pages. Moreover whenever I create a lense I link my link to this blog and the feed of this blog. So I will get some free extra traffic which may lead to some revenue from adsense.

So if you have a blog or a website you can get more traffic and a side revenue for you. Still Don't have a blog or website?(you must have missed several thousand dolars. Start earning through your blog).

So Now you have an Idea of how to use squidoo. Create as many lens you want, at least one a day so that you can increase you chance of earning the most from your blog. So go and start earning from squidoo right Now.

What's next?????

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Make Money Working from Home

There are two reasons for peoples to search a working form home job they are

  1. Financial independence

  2. Time flexibility

  3. Tension free

  4. Better lifestyle

People say that “make money online for free”. Actually making money online do requires some initial start up cost and then you have to reinvest the profit in the process.

So you need a little startup cost to fuel your business. For a home based online business it needs $25 - $100 as a startup cost.

To get your startup cost you don’t have to spare it away from your pocket, you yourself can earn that startup cost within a month.(don’t worry I will tell you that secret).

Some years back people have to get this startup money all by themselves. But say thanks to Google for their AdSense, they made us to make money without any investment. We can start making money more or less within 48 hours.

So please go and download a free ebook at with which you can earn your startup cost.

I just showed you this way of making money online as a model to get your startup cost. But there are peoples out there who are making more than $1000 per month.(no kidding there are proof and they are top class internet marketers).

With this startup cost you can invest in any kind of “working from home opportunities courses”. But please stay away from the scams. You have to be more careful when investing or buying stuffs pertaining to “money” because there are some peoples in this niche who tries to lure peoples to buy their crap.

You can find a crap by just seeing the site design. And here are some basic scams in this “money making niche”,

  1. get paid to read emails (you could never be able to even pay you telephone bill)

  2. get paid to visit sites (never gonna work for anyone)

  3. get paid email (probably the person who runs thats site will get rich)

  4. get paid to surf (NO.1 comedy show never ever try this)

  5. data entry work etc… (NO.1 word that people uses to lure people)

So from now stop searching these words in the search engines. Stay connected by subscribing to my blog and I will show the right way to your financial free life.

What's next ?
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