Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Way to earn online with friends

Yesterday I came across a site called New yuwie. The special thing in this is you can earn money from your friends. The earning is depend on the number of persons you know.

All you have to do is to join the site and do some blogging, upload pictures, upload images and share them. To do that they will pay you for that. You may now think How I will earn from this, The fact is yuwie will place ads on all pages of your blog, the area around the pictures and videos. Now if any one visit your page the ads will shown to them and yuwie will get paid for that. So yuwie will share its profit with you.

Now what I have to do?

You just join Yuwie and start to blog, upload picture, and what ever you can. And make everyone to visit your blog, your profile page, picture page, etc. When this is done you will get paid for that.

The payment is alloted to you by this format. Cost per 1000 page views.

You can earn extra from your referrals too. You have the chance to earn upto 10 level referral deep. They say that,

IF you and Referral under you can make 3 persons to join under your referral line and have 34 page views a day then you can earn more than $10,000 per month.

Yes, you can also earn if anyone see the page of a person who joined under you, and if anyone see the page of a person who joined under that person and it will go till the last tenth person.
See how much can you earn.....

So you just have to make your friends to just visit the page. That's all done.

You just have to work for bringing visitors to your pages and make to join under you as a referral. The Best thing I know is no one can join the yuwie with out a referral so you cannot join yuwie without a person who is already a member. Don't worry you can join yuwie Right now by clicking the link below.

Don't forgot that the page view is he key factor to earn money with New yuwie

Join yuwie now

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