Sunday, March 16, 2008

Free search engine traffic

Increasing web site traffic does not require you to spend much money on them but they requires some little work. It is true that, you can get more web site traffic absolutely free. All you really have to do is find out how to make the search engines turn towards your website or blog. And it is very easy than you think.

Getting the search engine traffic is like attracting the safety pins with a magnet. without a magnet you can't attract a safety pin. Here the content and some other factors are the magnet and the safety pins are the search engines.

Getting the search engine traffic is like attracting the safety pins with a magnet

We all heard about a word SEO (Search engine optimization). What is a Search engine optimization. It is changing or modifying you website or blog to make the search engines list you in the top position. A small change can increase your search engine traffic never been before, or those same things can make your website get banned by Search engines. So it is safe to learn some basics of search engine optimization.

Some Techniques to get Search Engine Traffic and Hits:

Since the day from the search engines came into picture of traffic, the content has been the key way to get traffic. Search engines love good content and your readers too.

Updating the content is another important factor that determine the rank. Your visitors as well as the search engine need update of your website. Therefore, add quality content to your website as regular as possible.

Make your page titles descriptive and relevant. This will makes it easier for the search engines to show your site or blog under the relevant keywords so that you acquire most of the visitors looking for same content as in your site. You may think why the tittle, because they will be shown as the description in the search engine results.

Use keywords wherever you can, in the title, in the content, in the links, and everywhere. The titles are important, the content should have moderate amount of keywords. When you use more and more keywords, search engines tend to look negatively at your webpages.

Start building up as many one-way backlinks as you can. Article submission, directory submission, blogging, etc. When other popular web sites link to your site, your search engine ranking will increase, and that means your search engine traffic will increase.

If you really want to increase search engine traffic, then you have to educate yourself on search engine "optimization. That is really the only free way to get targeted web site traffic.

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