Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Get Targeted visitors

Traffic Traffic Traffic this is the main problem that all AdSense users have. The solution is not to get the visitors to your site but the targeted visitors to your site. Our main idea is to get the maximum clicks from the visitors. So optimize the site that the visitors get attention towards the ads in our site.

The easy way to get the attention of the visitor is to use the border less large rectangle ad box in the site. The Background must be similar to the blogs background so that the ads will not look like ads. In presto you will get instant clicks on the ads which means DOLLARS.

In presto you will get instant clicks on the ads which means DOLLARS.

The blog with only pictures and links will not get the Highest paying ads most probably a low value ads. Your blog is about Music and Nature, So you posted some pictures and links pertaining to nature and music. When Google's robot look your blog to place ads. your blog will contain only the images and link, they can't find the keywords to place the relevant ads in your sites.

For example your site is about Nature and Music and your site is with only links & images then they can't find what type of site is yours so they will place only the low very low cost ads. Moreover the blog or website which is about music and nature will have the ads of
ICICI, IBM, Travel agencies etc . . . Which has no connection between music and them. your visitors come to to your site to get something about music not about loans or offer coupons of any travel agencies. so they will never going to click on the ads.

So before you post some pictures and links please make sure that you have some valid content about music or nature ( at least 9 to 15 lines ). You may not want to be a geek in music to write about music. Just write I love music because.....
why i love music.... I love this music..... Any thing but make sure that the content is about the music. This is applicable for all type of blogs and websites.

The are other factors that decide the click through rates. We don't want to get mess up with that at the same time. let's move one step at a time. First implement it and see weather the ads are relevant to your content. It may take 10 to 15 min to ads get changed.

To know more about Adsense please stay tuned with us .

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