Sunday, March 16, 2008

It is an Ad not only a Domain

Domain names most of us heard about this and some of us not. The domain name is a url which will be like , .org , .net and so on.

This is not only a name to website, but it will also give a credibility to your customers on you. Ok now let's get into a customer shoes, will you purchase a product from a free website holder or a Real website holder? Obviously from a real website peoples. Aren't you?

So that I am saying you to purchase a domain and a hosting account. That is never going to cost you a million. To register a domain name it will cost you only less than $8 and hosting will cost you as low as $6 per month. Dose this looks great? It must be.

So go and get a good domain name.

Some good hosting companies.
This is a yahoo hosting company, they also offer a small business hosting account and it is cheap too. If you can't design a website you can get a hosting account and place a redirection page to your free page. while you use frames during the redirection to a free page will not reveal that you are using a free page.
Another hosting company is Host Monster. they provide you a cheap hosting account and a better one and a best thing is they will give you a free domain forever. Through out your life you never have to renew your Domain name. They will cost you less than $6 per month.

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