Thursday, March 6, 2008

Website Vs Blogs Which is Best

Website or blog Which is best. This one of the great topic when the blogs are first introduced some years back in mid 2002 and 2004 (I am not sure about the dates but most probably).

The blog is nothing but the Short form of Weblogs. The blog is like keeping your diary, till the king of advertisement adsense came into pictures. When the adsense introduced after 2002 the blogs became more professional than diary. The main advantage in the blog is they are easy to use. We can update the blogs very easily without any programing knowledge.

When we came into the consideration of Websites. they are very cool very very cool if you know the programing languages. I am a Computer profession student so I love to make websites on my own. But what the main problem is the HTML is not the only language in the web design field there are other programs like JavaScript, .net, and much more. Just im.

Even for a computer profession designing a web page for himself is a unbearable thing. I hate to design websites. If you design a website of your own you will know that.

Website Vs Blogs

1) Easy to update.
2) Easy to edit at any time
3) Free blogs are available all over the internet.
4) No programing skill is required.

1) Not Easy to update
2) Not easy to edit when ever you want.
3) Free hosting is available all over the internet.(advantage)
4)Programing Skill is must.

With the over all Review the BLOG won the race at the end.

Yes blogs are more easier to update and use. Use the blogs for adsense. The blogs are easy to use in

If you have any doubt in this or about adsense, Ask Essai.

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