Sunday, March 23, 2008

Answers For Traffic

Traffic is the Key node of all Internet business. When I started this blog Most probably I am the only Person to read this blog. I am not interested in spending dollars for advertisement moreover I don't have a initial amount for my blog so I decided to think how to get more traffic for my Blog.

There are many websites which promise you to give massive traffic for free But that is Impossible. You must spend at least $20 - $200 to do a ad campaign in the Internet. But I was in a tight pocket situation so I decided to Use this Easy method.

The main advantage of this method is we can get targeted traffic.
Every one off us know the Yahoo Answers where we can get Answers for our questions. The real thing that most of us don't know is this that there are several thousand peoples out there with Questions to be answered in all category.

Now what's the plan ? The Plan is first select your category and begin to answer the questions. At the end of the questions you can put a link back to your sites. Simple isn't it. yes it must be.

Now how how to get maximum visitors to your site?
When you answer the questions you must answer them in the way such that the must be benefit. So Don't just answer but also help them and make a reputation for you.

so I will meet you in another post.

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