Thursday, April 3, 2008

Secret of Increasing your Affiliate Earning

It has been a while since we meet. Today I am going to answer a question that I received mostly from our friends.

How I accelerate my Affiliate Marketing earnings?

This about the affiliate marketing. The great problem in affiliate marketing is the url. For example the affiliate url of Click bank will be like this which will show people that this is a affiliate link.

so many of the peoples don't want to buy through this link so they will remove your Affiliate id and buy the product. Because most of the peoples don't want other peoples to earn through them.

1)The most common technique used by a average Affiliate marketer is to simply go to some website like TinyUrl, ShoryUrl etc and get a redirection url for their affiliate url.

2) The next method is also more popular. The redirection page.
this is a method of creating a small Html page that redirect to the affiliate page. By this the url will look like a part of your site. Moreover using frames is also a best way.

But I use a better way that is not very new but a new technique. This is a technique that only very low number of peoples know.

That is Buying a Special URL for the product that you are promoting.

Now you can buy a domain name for just $7. If you can sell at least 10 copies of a product of commission $10 then you will be earned $100. You got a profit of more than$90. Imagine if you can sell more than 100 copies and Promoting more than 10 or 20 products.

When you buy a special link to a affiliate link it must be exactly as the original link. If you are an affiliate of then your special link must be any thing like, etc....

you may think why a real domain name this will give your customer a feeling that they are in real site not in a affiliate link. And if they purchase later or tell about this site they will say this affiliate link not the exact link.

Ok the I can guess your next Question. that is What about hosting?
There is a web hosting company that allow you to host multiple domain in a single account. And there are very very very.... cheap. They will cost you only $4.99 per month.

See the review of the Hosting Plan.

Plan Name : Business Plus

  • Unlimited Domains

  • Unlimited Data Transfer

  • Unlimited Web Space

  • 1 Free Domain Reg

  • 1 Dedicated IP

  • Ecommerce Ready

  • $25 More Free Ads

So you don't want to spend any thing other than the monthly fee. Unlimited data transfer, Unlimited domain hosting, etc. Man this is awesome.

So go and get a new Hosting account with And buy a special link to Accelerate your earnings to 20% more.

See this is a proven strategy so go a head and feel the power of this Method.

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