Thursday, March 6, 2008

How Adsense Put ads in sites

Actually the Google has a Software called spiders. These spiders are designed in such a way that they can read the content, links and look for keywords in your blog or website. A special thing in that is they read not only your website, but also the websites that you listed in your blog or websites.

For example, If you give me a link back to me in your site, When the Google spiders read the content and link in your site it will also read my site because it read a link in your site.

When you make a new post the ads will not change suddenly because there are adsense publishers all over the world who change their content of their site. So the spider have to read those sites also, it will take sometime mostly from 15 to 45 minutes to ads get changed.

When the spiders finished crawling your site it will report the google about your site like what is the sites about, what ads will be suitable for that and etc .. Once the adsense softwares gets the report the will change the ads in your site with the publisher id in your code. Within minutes you have new ads ta da that's all.

Some times my ads will not be clicked by My visitors, Because I post the contents frequently sometimes 6 to 7 posts per hour. I will work in my leisure time so the contents are frequently changed to answer my visitors, This is the reason for sometimes ads in my blog will not look so relevant to my post. I won't consider them. I just want to retain my visitors and keep them happy anyway.

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