Sunday, March 9, 2008

How to Insert adsense code to your blog ?

The main difficult that most of the new adsense user have is this " How to insert a adsense code to our blog?"

It is very easy to ad a adsense code to your blog. and to do that follow the following steps.

Since the is the famous and most used blogging platform, we shall take that for our example. The following are the steps to "how add a adsense code to your blog?".

There are two Methods to add the adsense code to your blog.

Method 1
1) First login to your adsense account.

2) Go to adsense setup and get the code.

3) Now login to your account.

3) Now you will b
e in the blogger Dashboard. click the layout link in dash board (see the image below)
4) Under layout select Page elements (by default it will be Page elements).

5) In that there will be a option called Add a Page Element.Find it and select it. (see the picture below)
6) A new window will open. In that the will be a option called

Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.

7) Select it. Give it a title or leave it blank. In the content text area paste the adsense code. and save it.

8) Now see your blog the ads will be there.

It may take few seconds for ads to appear on your blog. If ads are not shown up please wait for 10 - 15 minutes and then reload you blog.

Still the ads are not shown up. Please contact me with the form at the of this blog. I will tell you the second method. Or Are you still interested to know about the second method? Wait some time for the next post

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