Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One of the easy ways to earn money

There are many easy ways to earn online. But very some of them are real easy way to earn online. A now we have a new way to earn some extra income with a simple 7 steps. One of the remarkable revolution in this web 2.0 is Squidoo.com

OK what is this Squidoo. This squidoo is a site where you can create a lens for you with which you can write anything you know about. you can sell anything, you can just write about yourself, about any product, product review, etc...

I just created a new lens that promotes my IMmoney pack. I created that lens with the title "Earn online without any investment" .

Wait, so what's a lens? A lens is... (this is the definition that squidoo gave)

  1. An insanely easy-to-build, single page online.

  2. Your signpost about something that matters to you.

  3. A place to recommend your favorite stuff.

  4. A popular way to get found more on the web.

  5. A free (yes, free) way to earn a royalty. For you or for charity.

  6. Word of mouth at your fingertips.

  7. Squiddylicious.

  8. Something you should have if you care about getting the word out,about selling something, about changing minds, about sharing info, or if you just love to create, express yourself, and play.

OK! OK! I'm sorry for over explaining it. I know what you are thinking, "How we are going to earn with this squidoo?" Isn't it?

When we create a lense our lense will have some adsense ads, ebay referral ads, amazon affiliate ads, and some CPM ads. So if any of the visitors or friends visits your lense clicks the ads or purchase anything from ebay or amazon or etc... and Squidoo will earn revenue through these clicks and purchases.

Now squidoo will share a percentage of it's revenue that your page generated with you. And you can get you payments directly to your Paypal account.

Now you may thing I can do this with my blog then why I have to do this. Yeah you are right... But there is a reason for why I use Squidoo. Google will give some Importance to squidoo in Indexing the pages. Moreover whenever I create a lense I link my link to this blog and the feed of this blog. So I will get some free extra traffic which may lead to some revenue from adsense.

So if you have a blog or a website you can get more traffic and a side revenue for you. Still Don't have a blog or website?(you must have missed several thousand dolars. Start earning through your blog).

So Now you have an Idea of how to use squidoo. Create as many lens you want, at least one a day so that you can increase you chance of earning the most from your blog. So go and start earning from squidoo right Now.

What's next?????

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