Monday, July 21, 2008

Blogger Video Tutorial

FREE Video Tutorial for How to use

When I found this video tutorial online for free I was really amazed about it. I was thought about creating a video tutorial for How to use blogger beta version. And I know it will take around two or three weeks to create a video tutorial for this vast topic.

Actually the problem for me is I don't have much time to spend on this so I decided to hire a person to do this for me may be he may cost me anything from $100 to something more than that. Luckily I came across through this site

I don't know why they did this excellent 7 hour video tutorial but they did an excellent job for that a great salute for them.

This video tutorial teaches you from "How to create a blog?" to "How to maintain a blog". I can guarantee you can't find a better video tutorial like this anywhere on internet.

The odd thing is "HOW could they be able to give away this excellent tutorial?” Several peoples sell these kinds of tutorial on internet for around $27 to $99. But these peoples made this free. Anyway use this excellent tutorial and make most from internet.

Watch the tutorial at

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