Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Alternatives for adsense referrals

Since AdSense suspended the AdSense for referrals Today everyone is in the search for the AdSense referrals alternatives. For some days I thought that the Google referrals will not earn for me. But I was wrong...

I met a person in digital point Forum. There we met in a thread that was discussing about the alternatives for the AdSense referrals. There he said us that he was making more than $1000 per month with the AdSense referrals. I was really amazed. And I decided to use AdSense referrals. ( I am really a ????????, AdSense referrals is already closed. I lost almost a fortune).

Since that mysterious lost his biggest part of his AdSense income, so he was so curious about finding alternatives for AdSense referrals and most of the persons who are participated in that discussion are the users of AdSense referrals.

But No one has the answer other than Zango. But every one know about the zango and they have not been a best alternatives for adsense referrals. (Zango is a site which will pay you if any one install their software, and those softwares are entertainment based)

So was I keep on searched on the net for the programs which
are similar to zango, for the alternative for AdSense referrals
Finally I ended up with some sites which are
These sites will pay you if your visitors install a certain software...

So I don't want to waste your time so go and select your site and start make money as you did with AdSense.
What's next???
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